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Humanear Digital Design, Inc., your full service marketing organization

We are not just web designers!

No doubt, you are good at what you do. But if you're reading this, marketing is not your forte. You have been told over and over, "you need a website!" This may be true, but getting a website is just one step in your marketing strategy. Let us be your guide. Consider us your part time marketing and consulting staff. Humanear Digital Design, Inc. (you can just call us Humanear) is located in Sioux City and our small professional shop will work with you to develop a strategy to push your business in the right direction in all things internet.

Web Design and Development
Our goal is to design and build a website for you which yields results for you and your business. We start with a solid foundation in the form of high quality hosting on a solid platform, carefully plan every aspect of the project with scalability in mind and give you a reliable product you will not consider an afterthought - it will become a major part of your advertising strategy and a useful tool to your customers.

Building a Well-oiled Machine
Your website can be a powerful marketing tool if built properly. As a general rule, a customer will leave your website in just a few short seconds if they don't know what you do or sell immediately. It IS possible to make a website pretty without bogging it down with giant videos and other resource intensive content. We specialize in optimizing site speed and delivering content immediately, giving customers no reason to leave. Search Engine Page rank notes your page speed and penalizes slow loading content. A quick, content rich site is a site people (and search engines) love.

WordPress Integrations
WordPress has transformed over time into a very powerful platform. When using the correct tools it is not only a great user experience, it allows our clients to manage their content on their own. Every CMS has its pros and cons, but about 40% of all websites are built using WordPress for a reason. With a little upkeep, it's one of the greatest ways to create a reliable, modern browsing experience. This doesn't mean we cannot use other tools to build your website, so if WordPress isn't your bag, we can still talk!

Hosting, Domain Registration, DNS, SSL and other Cool Acronyms
All these services are so important! All websites need to be secure and free (as possible) from interruption. Our platforms are industry standard, redundant and secure. Let us help you with all these important pieces of your website infrastructure. We can register your domain, host your website on super quick servers, secure it and manage your DNS.

Maintenance and Care Packages
We offer care packages (sounds much cooler than maintenance agreements, doesn't it?) for every project of every size. Whether you need content updates, security, backup and other updates, we can design a package which fits your needs. Or if you have a small task here and there we can certainly bill you at a flat hourly rate.

Email Setup/Config
It's important to have an email address which matches your domain name and your website. There are many options for email. Humanear will work with you to get your email setup done properly and make sure you get to cusotmer's inbox and not their junk folder. A legitimate email address means a legitimate business.