are you looking for more from your technology spend?

Tech doesn't have to be your source of frustration and ire.  Properly maintained equipment means top performance and reliability for years to come.  Let us be your virtual IT department.
We decided to start expanding into IT because we noticed a lot of our small business clients were facing one of two problems: 1.  getting ignored by the companies providing their hardware and software support (set it and forget it is not a great way to keep a client's trust and confidence).  2.  Hiring full time IT support when it may not be needed.  

Are your current PCs or devices old and slow?

Are you concerned about Security or Ransomware?

Are you protected from a catastrophic failure?

Is your IT budget fitting your situation?

Do you sleep well at night knowing you don't have to worry about your computers?

We are consumed by these things.

As a website design company, we have historically spoken with many small business clients.  The more meetings we took, the more we noticed there are businesses with problems they didn't even realize they had.  There were outdated systems, old technologies, security concerns, and much more.  

Humanear places a focus on getting your virtual house in order using modern, easy to use tools.  We set up internal and external systems that make it simple to manage your emails, files, and network.  We also make it easy for your customers to do business with you.

All you have to do is contact us and we will listen to you and offer you a solution!
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What We Can Do For You

Implement Affordable Backup Solutions
Catastropic Data Recovery
Keep systems clean, fast and secure
Remote Access and Maintenance
Maintain Entire Computer Infrastructure
Install Modern VOIP phone systems
Maintain Microsoft 365 Email Tenant
Keep you safe and secure!
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