May 18, 2022

Are you running your business using a personal email address?

If you are operating a business and are still using [email protected],, or any other email system other than, it's time to make that change. And it's as powerful or as affordable as you need it! We've carefully crafted a very simple (cheap) alternative or we can also offer you a robust, powerful option as well for surprisingly little money.

Why? What's the big deal?

Well, it's a simple way to give your business a little more legitimacy. Ask yourself this: is [email protected] giving your customers more or less confidence in your reputation than [email protected]? It may be a subtle change, but it's just one of those little things that just may be the difference that makes the customer send you that email.

It's a Budget Friendly Solution

We don't love this but we don't hate it either. It's a decent way for customers to send email to your to your free email account. This works best with Gmail because you can reply as [email protected] as opposed to other services that don't allow this, but at least you can give your prospective client a business card with your "legit" email on it. We'll procure your domain for you and set up the records to forward to your mail service. As for replying, if you've got Gmail and send less than 1000 emails per month, we can set up a free service (a very reputable service) so you can reply as [email protected]. Send more than 1000? At this point we would recommend moving you to you a Microsoft365 account for as little as $4 per month or even a Cloud Office email account for $3 per month. Either one offers a great solution for moving off the free platforms.

Consider This!

More importantly, it's important to remember that when a service is free, it's not yours. This means you agree to their terms and at any given time you can be shut off OR the service can be permanently shut off. This happened to a local client using CableOne email for his business. He's no safely using HIS email service and HIS domain and all is well again. And finally, consider this: If the product is free, most likely the product is YOU. Your data is not yours if you're using a free email service.

Getting Serious With Your Email

Our recommendation is to go with Microsoft 365. Starting at $6 per month, the features you get are unbeatable! Not only do you get online versions of Outlook, Word, Excel and many other apps, you get a whole lot more. SharePoint, 1TB of online storage, 50GB mailboxes and full administration your "tenant." It's a very powerful toolset and well worth the money.

For details, give us a call or send an email to our hotmail account! Kidding. Just send us an email at [email protected] and we'll give you the details and costs associated. Never hurts to ask and we love to hear from you.

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