We make your business easier to find, easier to use and create a demand for your product or services.

You Are Here Because You Need Us

You paid your nephew a few hundred bucks to build a website for your business. Or worse, you paid an agency a small fortune. And that small fortune did not yield more customers.

Your current website is a train wreck. If it were a horse it would be ready for the glue factory. Congratulations on taking the first step towards fixing an online strategy which is, at best, a yawn fest, and at worst a hot mess you can't even look at without cringing. Or maybe you have a great site but people can't find it or are simply not visiting it.

Imagine This Instead!

You wake up in the morning and check your email. You actually have contact requests from your website and they can't wait to get their hands on your awesome invention! Or they are subscribing right and left to your blog or newsletter! You check your web stats and notice a surge of traffic unlike anything you've ever experienced!

You provide the products and services and we'll get you noticed.

Go ahead. Ask us what makes us so special.

Why would we use Humanear instead of So-And-So? And what's with the dumb name? We give you personal service. We pick up the phone. We want to know you, to understand your business, to understand exactly what you want and what you need. We'd like to tell you the Dumb name means something like "Humanear- you know, like we listen, or we hear you." But really it's just something out of a movie and we thought it sounded cool.

We are consultants, not just web developers. Call us Marketing Plumbers. We find the Leaks. The clogs. We get dirty. We explore the innards of your company so we can determine exactly what is wrong or missing and get the water flowing the way it should.

After being in the web development and graphic design business for over 15 years (and making all the mistakes that we now avoid), we understand that a website is just the beginning. Anyone can build a website. But not just anyone can make it turn it in to a traffic-generating machine.

Who ARE you guys?

Well, Humanear is a few individuals who, let's just be honest here, were never cut out out for real jobs. We're smart, thoughtful, somewhat eccentric individuals who don't do well in a corporate environment. Heck, we don't do well in most any environment so we just remain hidden from society. Which, since we're being forthcoming, is probably beneficial for society as well.

We come from computer-related occupations and are really proficient when it comes to understanding how to solve all the common pitfalls associated with online marketing. Having already experienced first hand how to do things the wrong way, we understand the industry and want to give our users the luxury of avoiding said failures and just moving right to success.