Introducing kSuite™ cmsLite™


Take complete control of the content on your website through the world's easiest content management system.  cmsLite allows you to either build your site through text-based menus and a single page or through more complicated designs.  You can make one single template, add some code and build your entire site around a single page.  Or, you can build the pages using css-based div tags or table cells and add a simple function to as many areas as you wish and incorporate your content management to any all all places on any and all pages.  Pricing varies with a single page being a free license and unlimited pages around $295.  The tool is done, but the website is not.  Stay tuned for details support and tutorials.


Pricing for cmsLite

single page: free

up to 10 pages: $39.95

up to 50 pages: $79.95

up to 100 pages: $129.95

up to 250 pages: $210

unlimited pages: $295.00


kSuite™ kSlide™


Looking for a gallery software that will do all the work for you?  kSlide allows you to build a complete, customized intutive gallery without having to make thumbnails or resize the pictures.  You can add titles, captions and even choose which transitions you'd like to see between each picture.  Very simple tool.  Very competitive price.  For $99, it can be used over and over again to create multiple slide shows according to YOUR preferences.


eCommerce applications



eCommerce Tools


Secure Certificates

SSL Certificates start at $50 annually.  This is a must if you're planning on any type of secure transaction online.  We install at no additional cost.


Shopping Cart Software

Contact us for a quote on what it takes to get  a store online.  Depending on your requirements, prices vary greatly.


Authorizenet Accounts

Contact us for pricing.  This allows you to take transactions securely and automatically deposit them in your bank account.


Domain Registration

Domains cost @20 per year.  You get your own account so that you can administrate your own domain settings if you wish.


Hosting Accounts

Depending on your requirements, Hosting ranges from $150 to $300 dollars per year.  Hosting includes email accounts, a control panel for administration and a generous amount of disk space and bandwidth.


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