Site: Siouxland Legal Billing Services


Client: Cyndi Ellis

If the name sounds familiar, yeah, it's my wife. Cyndi's business is outsourced legal billing. This is rev 2.0 and is a vast improvement over the old site. The site includes cms capabilities and also a very cool document repository program which allows her clients to upload their time to the website, making it easy for Cyndi to retrieve the information and do her job. Online demo is not quite ready, but when it is we'll have a tool which will allow clients to demo a complete online billing system which will allow them to invoice clients and receive payments without using one single sheet of paper or a postage stamp. Really Really Cool.



Site: City of Akron, Iowa


Client: Chad Erikson

Note: Although the site has been handed over for content placement, the site is not quite ready for prime time. But the site structure has been completed and is now to the point where we can feature it here. The City of Akron, Iowa contracted Humanear to build them a site which would be dynamic and allow them to edit their content. One of the interesting features of this site is the rotating banner ads which permeate the site. Each ad is randomly placed on each page.



Site: United Way of Siouxland


Client: Heather Hennings

This wasn't exactly a new design, but more of a refinement of the old design. After another web development company abandoned the United way (seriously, who does this to their clients?), UWS turned to us to give them a user friendly tool which will allow them to control the entire site with little effort, including navigation. What else but cmsLite? Heather and the gang are now able to edit not only all the content except for a few minor elements, but they are able to control the navigation, including adding and deleting menu items and pages as well. With a minor amount of training, they're building pages like pros! Congratulations to the staff of United Way for taking control of their website!



Site: Terra Industries


Client: Kim Mathers

Another design by someone else and improved by us.  The "old" site was just not built for the large amount of content that Terra Industries Inc. needed to have on their site.  Built at a width of 700 and some pixels and lacking pictures of any kind throughout, Terra requested that Humanear take over and install a content manangement and basically give the site a much needed tuneup.  With the removal of an expensive, bulky, unfriendly content manage tool and the addition of a Lighter, easier tool (anyone getting tired of seeing the word cmsLite yet?), Kim and staff are managing everything from content and pictures to the keywords in the code now with about an hour or so of training!



Site: USA-118


Client: Lisa Kremer

Lisa is a competitive windsurfer.  She wanted a simple site which would allow her to post "blog" entries and news articles so that her fans would be able to follow her progress.  Keep an eye out for Lisa, because she's probably going to be an Olympic superstar in the very near future (donations accepted on Lisa's site).   She's trying to qualify for the 2012 Olympics, so good luck to Lisa!



Site: Affordable Equipment Financing


Client: Kevin Huot

Kevin and his business partner Darwin were in need of a site which would allow potential clients to apply online. We built very attractive functional application forms (in the application section) which would allow them to collect all information and send to them. You have to check out these great forms. Very cool.



Site: Donna Jolly


Client: Donna Jolly

Donna wanted a site which would highlight her resume, her portfolio and her skills.  She wanted something slightly feminine with modern colors, and something which would allow her to manipulate the content (yes, cmsLite™ again).  Although the site is small and simple, it allows donna to give her website address out to potential employers and give her the professional credibility she deserves.



Site: Iowa Orthopaedic Society


Client: Mary Bechler

Mary is a repeat client.  She wanted a complete redesign for the Iowa Orthopaedics site, and Humanear was eager to help.  Although the original site was very nice, she wanted to incorporate some new tools into the site and decided it was time to change the look and feel as well.  Along with the redesign, the site has been built to accomodate cmsLite™, the world's easiest content management tool.  The static site is complete and we're currently in the process of bulding a tool which will manage a member directory.



Site: Midwest Training Institute


Client: Dave Johnson (a.k.a. Safety Dave)

Dave is a safety expert.  He provides expert training on mold, asbestos, lead, hazwoper and osha.  Although Dave has been a bit slow on placing his content using cmsLite, the structure of the site has been complete.  Dave, when he gets around to it, will be able to add navigation, content, and update his schedules with nothing more than his admin on the website.  Very simple, very slick.



Site: The Maxfield Report


Client: Ken Maxfield

Ken found us by searching for a design company through Yahoo.  He is one of the world's leading authorities of all things hide related.  Ken uses the site to distribute his reports to his subscribers.  Humanear developed a very intricate back end to this site so that his clients can subscribe, pay for the subscriptions, view the reports and access all historical data.  Ken has the ability to adminstrate the entire website, including subscriptions, clients and reports.



Site: Dakota Muscle Cars


Client: Mike Hammond

Mike wanted a site which would give the company a little more of a professional appearance and allow him to showcase his project cars and inventory using a gallery-type environment.  Humanear installed kSuite™ kSlide™, one of the easiest gallery tools available.   Mike takes the pictures, uploads them through the kSlide™ interface and enters any caption or title information.  The tool resizes the pictures, creates the thumnails, and the slide show is generated.  All Mike has to do is insert a simple line in the code and it's done.



Site: Terra Express


Client: Terra Industries - Kim Mathers

Kim and Terra wanted a redesign of the old Terra Express Website.  The old site was just out of date and needed a dramatic facelift.  Humanear gave them what they were looking for.



Site: Weekly Gigs


Client: Brad Moore- Sterling Computers

Brad came to Humanear requesting a site which they could recruit workers for installation services throughout the US.    He also wanted the site built around a content management tool, so we used cmsLite™, the world's easiest content management tool.  Brad's crew can not only manage the main content, but they can add or delete navigation, giving them full control of the website.  Humanear also designed the logo for the site.

1700 140th St.

Lawton, IA 51030