What's Humanear All About?


Our philosophy is simple. We believe that if we provide a quality product and quality services, you will recommend us to others and you will use us again. We establish longlasting relationships with our clients.


There are many web development and marketing firms in the area, some good, some bad. We're not the cheapest, we're not the most expensive. If you are interested in quality products and personal service and great value, you are in the right place.


But Seriously


We are a small firm that knows how to have fun. Phil and staff enjoy what they do for a living and never take ourselves too seriously. We don't go to work every day. We look forward to Monday through Friday. We consider it a privilege to do what we do, and it shows in our work.


Too Big? Too Small? Nonsense!


Whether you are a small business owner looking for a modest internet presence, or you have 500 or 5000 employees and need a total eCommerce solution or an intranet, we can help.






So, who IS Humanear?


Phil Ellis, President of Humanear, has been in the computer business in many aspects, including phone support, online support before there was a www, developing websites, writing copy and much more since 1991. He began his humble start working for Gateway.


Unfortunately (at least it seemed unfortunate at the time), he was given the boot after being there for about 10 years. What seemed to be a disaster at the time turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Phil decided that he didn't want a "real job" ever again.


With some luck, some begging and some digging around, he found a few people in the local area that would actually pay him to do some web development. Thus, Humanear was born.


Smooth Sailing is not really how one might describe the first few years, but after those years of struggling and trying to get the business going, it finally started to pay off. After many mistakes, many triumphs and struggles 'o plenty, Humanear has established itself as one of the premier web hosting, web design and mini-marketing agencies in the Siouxland area.


Today, with the help of a few really talented staff members, Humanear is establishing a reputation of personal service, great skill and ability, reliability and longevity in a very saturated market.


Humanear will always be here for you.

1700 140th St.

Lawton, IA 51030